About Me

Though born, 1914 in Pittsburgh, I am a Virginian, having lived in Virginia since I was four years old. After graduation from the University of Virginia, I was a news reporter for 16 years (interrupted by four years in the Navy in World War II). In 1958 I was appointed executive director of the Virginia Civil War (Centennial) commission. When the centennial ended at the end of 1965, I was appointed by the Virginia Military Institute as the first director of the New Market Battlefield Park, in New Market, VA, a post I held for 16 years. My wife Pat and I live in Harrisonburg VA.

“When dedication was fierce and from the heart”: Planning Virginia’s Civil War Centennial, 1958-1965, by James J. Geary appeared in Virginia Cavalcade Volume 50, Number 2, Spring 2001. Virginia Cavalcade, a handsomely illustrated magazine of Virginia history and culture, was published quarterly (January, April, July, and October) by the Library of Virginia from 1951 to 2002.